Welfare & General Assistance


The General Assistance Program is administered in accordance with Title 22 M.R.S.A §4301-4326. General Assistance applications are received Tuesdays from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon. Emergency applications may be filed at any time. Outside of normal office hours, please call (207) 474-6386 in order to contact someone regarding General Assistance applications.

What is General Assistance?

The General Assistance Program is a service administered for the aid of people who are unable to provide the basic necessities to maintain themselves or their families. It provides a specific amount and type of aid for defined needs during a limited period and is not a continual categorical assistance program. General Assistance is administered in accordance with the Town's Ordinance and Maine State laws. General Assistance is intended to help people who are in need and have nowhere else to turn; it is a program of last resort. The municipality has the responsibility to assist eligible Norridgewock residents who are in need.

General Assistance gives help with basic necessities such as food, shelter, fuel, and electricity. We expect that recipients meet all eligibility requirements when we grant assistance. The General Assistance Administrator actively works with applicants to ensure that they make referrals with outside support agencies.

Work Requirement

If an individual is unemployed but able to work, he or she must do the following:

  • Register to work at the Maine Career Center.
  • Actively look for work.
  • Accept any suitable job offer.
  • Participate in training or educational programs that would help them get a job, and still be available to work.

If an individual does not comply with these work requirements, they may not be eligible to receive General Assistance.

Importance of Utilizing Resources

It is important that a person use their income for basic necessities. When their income is enough to pay for their household expenses, but they spend it on items that are not essential, they will not be eligible for General Assistance. Also, an individual must use all resources that would diminish their need for General Assistance, such as:

TANF and any other government program.

  • Trust funds.
  • Federal Income Tax Returns.
  • 401(k) or other retirement accounts.
  • Child support payments.
  • Medical or rehabilitative programs.
  • Support from legally liable relatives.

What Happens When Assistance is Granted?

Within 24 hours after you apply for General Assistance, the Welfare/GA Administrator will issue you a written decision explaining why you are or are not granted Assistance. If you are eligible, you will receive the written decision, and vendors will be paid directly by the Town. When you are ineligible for assistance, you receive the decision in writing and are informed that you can challenge the decision by requesting a fair hearing. The GA Fair Hearing Authority (Board of Selectmen) presides over hearings appealing the decisions of the Welfare/GA Administrator.

What Do I Need to Apply?

  • Application completed in full, signed by all adults in the household.
  • Current Maine State ID/Driver's License for all inhabitants of the household.
  • Social security number and dates of birth for all members of your household, including children.
  • Mortgage information or signed rent/lease agreement, including landlord name, phone number, and address information.
  • Your most recent bills and/or other proof of expenses, including rent/mortgage, heating fuel, electricity, food, medical expenses, vehicle insurance, vehicle payment, cable bill, phone bill, credit card bills, personal loans, etc.
  • Most recent year income tax return.
  • Bank statements for all your bank accounts, including savings and checking accounts.
  • Canceled checks, receipts, or other documents that show how you have spent your money/income in the past 30 days.
  • Proof of all household income/benefits, including pay stubs, TANF, SSI and SSDI statements, tax returns, child support, retirement or veteran's pension, unemployment income, disability insurance, workers' compensation payments, money received from a relative, fundraiser, self-employment income, lump-sum distributions.
  • Retirement account statements: 401(k), 403(b), pensions, etc., trust funds, annuities, savings bonds, or stocks.
  • Insurance policies: life, vehicle, home, renters, etc.
  • Title and registration for any/all car, truck, or recreational vehicle(s) you own (boat, ATV, snowmobile, camper, etc.)
  • KVCAP application, correspondence, and determinations.
  • Unemployment correspondences, fact findings, determinations, statements.
  • Maine State Property Tax Fairness Credit (formerly, Rent Refund/Circuit-Breaker) application, determination, and any distribution statement/recent tax return.
  • Complete 30-day full-time equivalent Work Search Log for each adult in the household; required, unless exempt by qualifying medical substantiation.
  • Doctor's statement encompassing limitations, restrictions, and time frames if inhabitants are ill, disabled, or not able to work.
  • Police Report(s) or court documents/orders, or custodial documents related to circumstances, if applicable.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Richard LaBelle Welfare Administrator (207) 634-2252
Sharon Dodge Assistant Administrator (207) 634-2252
Aimee Robinson Assistant Administrator (207) 634-2252