ATV Access Route List - Now Open

ATV Access Routes

The following routes/sections of roads are open as ATV Access Routes. Roads are open until December 1, or first snow-fly, whichever is earlier.

  • Airport Road
  • Beech Hill Road
  • Betterment Road
  • Bombazee Road
  • Bridge Street & Madison Road to Ward Hill Road
  • Burrill Hill Road, from Waterville Road/Route 139 to Skowhegan town line
  • Bigelow Hill Road, from Waterville Road/Route 139 to Skowhegan town line
  • Childs Road
  • Clark Street
  • Depot Street
  • Dodlin Road
  • Everett Street
  • Father Rasle Road, south end from Route 201-A to Madison town line
  • Ferry Road
  • Frederick Corner Road
  • Hotel Street
  • Maple Street
  • Martin Stream Road, from Smithfield Road (Route 8) to Fairfield town line
  • Oak Hill Road, including Smithfield section to Wilder Hill
  • Perkins Street, from Smithfield Road (Route 8) to Welch Street
  • Pine Street
  • Rebecca Street
  • Red Barn Road
  • Sandy River Road
  • Sophie May Lane
  • Stanley Drive
  • Tarbell Hill Road
  • Upper Main Street
  • Wade Street
  • Walker Road, from Ward Hill Road to the Madison town line
  • Ward Hill Road, from Madison Road (Route 201A) to Madison town line
  • Welch Street
  • Wilder Hill Road, including Smithfield section to Oak Hill
  • Willow Street
  • Winding Hill Road

**Note regarding Smithfield roads: Only sections of road identified in green on this map are open for ATV use. These sections are intended to connect Norridgewock's Wilder Hill Road and Oak Hill Road.

If a road isn't signed as an access route, it is not open for ATV use.

All travel at Central Maine Regional Airport and the old Town of Norridgewock landfill is strictly prohibited

Useful information for ATV users

State of Maine ATV & Snowmobile Law information

The Norridgewock Sportsmen Association is the club responsible for maintaining signage, trails, etc. Follow them on Facebook for current trail information

ATV Online Re-registration

ATV Safety Information

Ride with Respect.
Observe speed limits, do not trespass, keep your ATV quiet, avoid ATV use late at night and early in the morning, and obey all trail markers.